Do You Have Crystal Energy?

Crystal energy is a profoundly spiritual, highly empathic energetic imprint that has come to the forefront with adults born in the 1950s and 1960s and the younger generations born after 1976. The early Crystals brought a highly concentrated form of the Crystal energy to the planet, preparing it for the children who would come later. Crystal energy is thoughtful, sensitive, highly intuitive and very spiritually connected. This energy does not integrate well into the third dimension and having it can be burdensome, especially in a world that is so materially focused.

Crystals are highly empathic, which compels them to stay out of the mainstream because they simply feel too much. While Indigos are rebels and action oriented, Crystals are more quiet, patient and while they are not as aggressive as Indigos, they are no less persistent. They prefer to act when they feel the energy is right for them, rather than leading the charge. Crystal adults began the spiritual movement in the 1970s and 1980s, writing about topics that no one knew about or understood, but persisted in their efforts, content to stay in the background, knowing that eventually what was once considered ‘weird’ would be mainstream, as it is today.

Crystals are here to create spiritual balance, to teach us how to integrate our spiritual and material aspects, to live in heaven while on earth. But the increasing polarity of the ascension process has been hard for them and they felt that they entered the earth’s energetic space long before it was ready for them. They are more comfortable in an inviting, welcoming, gentle, and highly spiritual environment and what they encountered feels like anything but that. They can feel like they are living in two worlds, the quiet, safe world of their own energy and the outside world they feel doesn’t understand or appreciate them. Being energetically sensitive can create a false sense of fear as they don’t often know how to separate their energy from that which they feel is around them. Being natural healers compels them to rush in and heal energy, rather than stepping back and applying healing energy at a higher level that they are more comfortable with.

More than others, they feel today’s powerful energy shifts and releases, and the fear that many people are going through at this time. Because they are so empathic and have such strong healing potential, they must work hard to not integrate the negativity around them and try to transmute it themselves, which can create depression, anxiety, physical distress and illness, and energetic burnout.

Crystals feel like old souls, wise in spiritual matters but often very child-like when it comes to matters of the material world. Their biggest life challenge is to stay grounded, focused and within their energy but not exclude the world and retreat into their own safe energetic space. By balancing their empathy with detachment, setting strong energetic boundaries and using their healing abilities from a point of empowerment, rather than as martyrs, they offer solutions to many of the world’s problems and can help others find empowerment from within their own spiritual centers. Without detachment though, they can easy lose their focus, become ungrounded and float through life in a sort of energetic limbo.

Crystal and Indigo energy work together to offer a complete solution to the world, identifying challenges and providing transformational alternatives. Given time, space and encouragement, Crystal energy enlightens, supports, guides and directs profound transformation of the most dense energy into its highest octaves. The Crystal message emphasizes healing and unconditional love, when they can stay focused on the value of their gifts and use them to uplift the world around them. Their gifts lie in the arts, music, sharing information, teaching, channeling, empathy, compassion and healing at a soul level. Encouraging the expression of Crystal energy in yourself, your children and others creates energetic openings into a world that is being birthed as the old world is dying to create the powerful transformation of heaven on earth, emphasizing empathy and compassion, and finding spiritual balance in a materially focused world.


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  1. I so resonate with your Crystal energy article. Does the timeline extend as far as the summer of 1948 for the birth of this energy? I am just now re-entering the world of healing, spiritual teaching, etc. after a hiatus of 20 years for chronic undiagnosed health issues. It feels wonderful to be “back.”

    • Absolutely Karen, Crystals have been around for many centuries. And you probably did carry a very high frequency of this energy, which is why you have been sick for 20 years! Welcome back, it’s time for you to start living your heaven on earth.

      • Thank you very much for this article Jennifer, I feel very identified with it and helps me to understand lot of things. Thank you from the hearth. May God bless you.

      • Can you expand on the “Energetic Limbo” you discussed when crystals become ungrounded? It seems that all my foundations have been removed, and it is very difficult to move forward when I can’t tell where I am.

  2. Thank You for this article about Crystal people, Jennifer! You have made a perfect description of how I feel and act in this lifetime.
    It is the first time I read something like this. I am feeling recognized and valued by your words and I agree with you in those descriptions that represents my stepping stones in my daily life.
    Where were these ideas hidden? Why we only knew about Indigos and Crystal children and young people but never anything about we, the today middle age adults?
    If you made such comments about Crystal people, that means that you are one of them, of us?

    Thank You again, Jennifer, from the bottom of my heart.

    Barcelona -Spain

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