NEEP_2016MAR_truthWe’re tempted to look for the end of every journey, especially if it has been challenging, as so much of this one has been. But we also think that at ‘the end’ there’s going to be an end to the strife and chaos and there can be, only if we turn the ‘end’ of a cycle into a new beginning and lift the energy we’re using to create our reality. It is a little like finishing one race to start another but with each new race we get a new mode of transportation.  So if our first race is on foot, then for the second we get a bicycle, and for the third we get a moped, and so on. Eventually we arrive at the super charged sports car so we can go around the track much faster, but we’re still going around the track of endings and beginnings, lessons and learning, as we move from healing to wholeness to congruence.

If we look at our lives in the full spectrum of all of our lifetimes, we can see all of the progress that we have made on the totality of our spiritual journey. Then all of the healing we have achieved is clear and our journey makes sense, has purpose, and we get its meaning. But if we look at only this lifetime then all we see is struggle and we think we’re crawling through it on our hands and knees, when we are actually going around the track much more quickly. The reason we feel this way is we think that the end of the journey is where we get to stop and then we get very disappointed, frustrated, and disillusioned when we realize that there is no end. There is, it’s just different than what we think.

Every healing journey ends with one illuminating event – when we realize the lesson and choose to take a different path. That ends one cycle and takes us into the next cycle where we graduate to our bicycle so we can go around the track again. Or we get a moped, or even a race car, but we still have to go around the evolutionary spiral with that lesson. And we can go around a different track, enjoy the scenery, find new blessings on the way, it’s all part of our different cycles. To enjoy the journey we must have this awareness, that it is not about arriving at the destination quickly or in one piece, it is what we do on the journey that is important and which determines our level of healing and eventual completion of that cycle.

As the saying goes, ‘All roads lead to Rome,’ and all journeys lead to healing first, then wholeness, then congruence but we’ll still be completing endings and beginnings because that is the purpose of our journey here. And we can go quickly or slowly, choose the hard, rocky path, or the beautiful scenic route. 

Once we understand that life is the journey and we stop trying to find its end, we can find the beauty in every aspect of the journey and start enjoying the ride (which is the point of the journey). Then we see that the endings and beginnings of all of our cycles are merely graduation points as we move from healing to wholeness to congruence and start putting blessing pit stops along the way so we can truly relax, enjoy the journey, and stop wondering when we’ll get ‘there’.  Pick the nicest route so you can enjoy your journey and you will find that you will look forward to the new beginnings because then you’ll know that you have reached the end of one cycle, can appreciate it’s learning, and are ready to enjoy a new phase of your life path.

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