The Most Accurate, Transformational Intuitive Life Support,  Coaching and Business Programs & Consulting

Connect with Jennifer via an intuitive session, focused life coaching, or business advising and consulting. You’ll receive the world’s most accurate intuitive guidance from the Energy SavanteTM,  life guidance from an experienced mentor to over 100,000 clients, and expert business advice, resources, and training from someone with the education, expertise, and experience to provide focused strategies that are grounded in the reality of what it takes to start, manage, and grow a business.

Jennifer’s proven intuitive gifts and unique, leading edge, energy focused coaching methods have been praised by a global client base, who experience life altering transformation at the soul level, allowing them to transcend their fear and limitations and uplift their energy to soar into a greater soul mission, create miracles, release lifetimes of pain and trauma, and awaken to a higher vibe life purpose of joy, fulfillment, success, abundance, and love.


As a life-long intuitive, I have always been able to see into people’s lives, read their energy, and know their life paths. Since 1990 I have channeled various energies, including Archangel Uriel, who asked me to work with him in 2003.  Celebrated as one of the world’s top intuitives, an energy savante, and a master energy alchemist, I share an enlightened perspective so you can envision your life from a new point of potential, awaken you to your empowered possibilities, remove your limitations to love, joy, abundance, and success,  raise your vibes, step from healing into wholeness, and own your powerful new life purpose. When we work together, I will show you past and present life issues that limit your ability to experience joy, love, peace, and prosperity in your life now, as well as possibilities and potentials for the future.

The transformation you can expect is :

  • more clarity about your energy, relationships, purpose, and your life path,
  • answers and solutions to your most troubling life issues from a compassionate, trusted advisor
  • a greater understanding of how you limit your joy, peace, and abundance (and how to remove those limits)
  • tools and insights to help you transform your  beliefs, and
  • how to create a new frequency and vibration to align yourself with new energetic pathways that will catalyze your transformation into more joy, fulfillment, peace, abundance, and love.

This is possible for you because it has happened for thousands of clients who work with me, and it can happen for you too. We’ll get you unstuck, re-centered, balanced, and energetically grounded in your new ascended soul purpose, moving into your life’s highest potential.

Get life transforming intuitive sessions and coaching with Jennifer Hoffman and experience the results thousands have seen when they connect with the world’s most accurate, compassion intuitive master and Energy Savante.

Discover what’s possible for you with Jennifer’s expert insights, guidance, and support in an intuitive guidance session.

Would you like to raise your vibes, tune out the beliefs and blocks that limit your access to wealth, love, success, and joy, tune into your highest potential and possibilities to create your reality? Jennifer is an Energy Savante, able to view and interpret your energy field and offer life transforming solutions so you can create the peace, joy, love, and prosperity you deserve to have.

No question is too difficult, no situation is too challenging — there is always a solution and Jennifer’s expert guidance will provide you with alternatives to your pain and suffering that you can implement right away. 30 and 60 minute Individual sessions are available and they are recorded so you can review the information and assess your progress.

We understand that situations change and you may wish to cancel a session after you have purchased it. You must request a refund in writing by email to our support mailbox, they are not automatically generated. We allow one cancellation/refund per customer, as long as the appointment has not been completed. Refunds are not provided for completed individual intuitive sessions under any circumstances. You can view our full refund policy on our Terms of Use page at this link.


When you want more detailed, focused guidance, support, and transformation choose a coaching package with Jennifer and create a path to progress to heal and transform your life’s greatest challenges.

Jennifer’s coaching programs combine her expert intuitive guidance and her ability to view your energy field’s past life and present traumas that delivers a comprehensive overview of your life path and how to create a new, fulfilling solution that will deliver the peace, joy, love, and prosperity you seek.

Evolve Your Soul Path is a 3 month program, featuring two 50 minute recorded sessions per month, and you will have follow-up homework. During this time we can explore every aspect of your life and potential and take a deep dive into your most challenging life issues to find their energetic core and then clear the  path so you can create the joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and prosperity you seek in your life. Whether you want more love, confidence, success, joy or fulfillment, this program will help you achieve that and every client has achieved powerful transformation from this work.

This is a subscription-based coaching program, with 2 telephone sessions per month, for 3 months. You will be billed $375 now, then $375 per month for two months. Each month’s sessions must be used within the billing month or they will be forfeited. Select a coaching package and the date and time for your first appointment. You will complete payment after you have selected your appointment.


Jennifer’s coaching programs combine her expert intuitive guidance and her ability to view your energy field’s past life and present traumas that delivers a comprehensive overview of your life path and how to create a new, fulfilling solution that will deliver the peace, joy, love, and prosperity you seek.


EVOLVE FAST TRACK is a 30 day program with 3  45 minute recorded intuitive coaching sessions with Jennifer in a 30 day period,  to fast track your healing into wholeness and propel you into a new, expanded soul path. The cost is $495 for one month, which includes your live sessions, recording, and homework.

  • Are you wondering how to shift into a higher potential, create more joy in your life, are you feeling stuck and wondering what’s next for you?
  • What are your highest potentials and how do you achieve them?
  • How can you heal from the past and move forward in your life, without the sadness, anger, or baggage?

This program will expedite that process as we explore what holds you back and how you can move forward into more joyful, soulful living. We move quickly and you will have homework to do after each session, which is recorded.

Whether you want more love, confidence, success, joy or fulfillment, this program will help you achieve that and every client has achieved powerful transformation from this work.

An accomplished and savvy business owner, with decades of business experience, Jennifer combines sound business processes, professional expertise, intuitive insights, and leading edge technical knowledge to help you start a scalable business, increase your current business revenues by showing you how to streamline processes, connect and communicate with your customers, create new revenue streams, and manage your business efficiently, productively, and profitably.

GPS Empire Coaching for revenue growth, product & service expansion, and customer attraction & retention 

GPS Business Academy for business advice, resources and training

My Make you Happy Guarantee:  I don’t offer refunds on my programs or services, I never have because I think it’s a terrible business practice and it doesn’t foster commitment or determination — how can any program that promises to pay you for quitting? I know that by following any of my programs, or the intuitive guidance you receive in an individual reading or session or coaching, going through the exercises and  participating in the resources that are offered in various programs, such as forums, groups, and group calls (and sharing your story in the laser coaching sessions) you can build a successful business and have a wonderful life you love. BUT, if you do get stuck and don’t know what to do, I will get on the phone with you and help you remove that boundary (this applies to programs and courses, not to individual intuitive sessions)! That’s my commitment to you. Otherwise, if you aren’t willing to commit to staying with a program through to the end and give it your best, most powerful commitment and effort, you are not a good candidate to work with me. The world needs you, your gift & message and I want to help you deliver it, in an authentic, aligned, and focused way that allows you to create a business and a life that you are happy with and  proud of. But that will happy when and if you can envision that for yourself and then accept the guidance and take the action to make it happen.