Are you ready to coach with the internet’s premier and most experienced business professional?

  • Do you want to start a business and don’t know how to begin?
  • Do you own a business that could use a makeover or
  • a revenue boost?
  • Does running your business take all of your time and energy?
  • Do you have the skills to create products that will expand your revenues?
  • Do you know how to run your business efficiently, profitably, and productively?
  • Do you have a powerful message to share and have no idea where to start?

Before you consider me as a Business Coach, Advisor, & Trainer, here’s what I offer you:

I am the only experienced business and technology professional who offers business coaching and training on the internet. And since 2004 I have been the leading voice in the self-awareness, spirituality, energy alchemy, and empowerment movement, and one of the world’s most celebrated and accurate intuitives.  I have guided millions to more joyful, fulfilling living, via a business I began part-time in 2004 and went full-time in 2007. I host the internet’s most popular radio show, write the world’s most widely read and shared weekly newsletter, and have a loyal and dedicated audience and customer base of over 4 million people. Prior to this work I had a successful 25 year career in finance, technology, law, and business, working in companies that included technology startups and Fortune 50 corporations.

Too many people on the internet offer bad business advice, poorly designed programs, and teach coaching disguised as a lot of other things, none of them useful in creating, marketing, managing, and expanding a business. I am not a former song writer, graphic designer, secretary, stock analyst, corporate trainer, sales person, or ‘high school dropout’ (as one business expert says), who, in spite of no business education, skills, or training, managed to create a ‘7 figure business’. I have 3 business degrees, in Business Administration, Finance, and Economics and extensive hands-on business experience in a variety of industries. I can teach you about business because I know what running a business requires, whether you are starting up, re-launching an existing business, or expanding into new avenues. And I can say with confidence that you will get solid, grounded, business training, not ‘6 figure business’ fluff or ‘high value clients’  with me and I can show you why focusing on those as your business strategy will ruin your business.

How did I get started in my business? I received a calling to start writing in October 2003, while I was still working full time. Then I left my career in 2007 after my 6th job layoff in 8 years (typical of the technology sector) and decided I was going to follow my real calling, to write, teach, and encourage others to express their highest potential. My first book, ‘The e-Business Primer’, was the first publication to  introduce e-business and the internet as a sales and marketing medium, and it was used by the University of Phoenix in their flagship e-business program. In 2001 the University of Phoenix asked me to write the material for their e-business courses, the first e-commerce based degree track offered by a university. I have written six additional best sellers, all self published, and built a respected, highly acclaimed business and following around them. 

I believe that entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise are the new models for business and the economy, and my goals is to provide services to help micro business owners, entrepreneurs, and mid-range to large businesses expand their reach, provide programs and services that showcase their gifts and purpose to the world, and generate revenues and profits that meet their needs.

My methods and processes are grounded in the experienced reality of what it takes to start and run a successful business and I offer the scope of  my professional knowledge, business education, expertise, and experience, as well as my desire to help people achieve their life goals by starting and running a business that is fun, profitable, and authentically aligned with who they are, their mission, message, and aspirations for the business that fuels their dreams and meets their financial needs.

Now, if you are ready to received real business advice, resources & training, let’s begin by looking at what I offer, and also consider the GPS Academy which is an on-line business course that teaches you the basics you need to master, such as creating your business focus, how to get a website up and running, connect with your audience, and product and service creation, as well as setting your profit points, generating revenue, legal aspects, and other processes and procedures that are the foundation of a successful business.


This is a 3 month business and personal coaching program with 2 50 minute calls per month, email phone and text access, combining business strategic planning, tactical advice focused on marketing, sales, profits & customer development. We will focus on expanding your business into new markets, as well as servicing your existing markets and customer base. We’ll also look at your personal energy shifts, success alignment, and the transformation you require you allow greater levels of prosperity in your life.
You will be billed $795 a month for 3 months and set your appointments for your phone sessions each month with the links provided.

Travel to your place of business is available at an additional cost.

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GPS Co-CEO Coaching

This program is for the existing business owner with existing revenues of at least $500K per year. In this program I will be your co-CEO, advising you on day to day processes and decisions, providing strategic planning, implementation, and execution strategies designed to meet your revene and profit goals. 3 month minimum  program term. Two monthly coaching calls plus check-in calls and emails, as needed. You also get my personal email address and cell phone number, so you have access to me when you need it. Contact guidelines will be established during our first coaching session.

You’ll received experienced, expert guidance and mentoring, along with my intuitive insights, to help you grow your business and take it to the next level. You will also benefit from my personal coaching to help you stay on track with your objectives as we plan your business. We’ll do a review of your business as it is today, then plan your next quarter to year of profits, products, services, and productivity together, covering your message and mission, business plan, technology, website review, email and autoresponder, newsletters, launches, social media, marketing and sales strategies, revenue planning (using my unique, trademark High Vibes Wealth  method), product and service creation, mind shifts, abundance awareness, and more.

$2500 per month, 3 month minimum subscription (1 payment billed today, 2 more payments over the next 60 days)