shattered glass

Every wound leaves a physical scar that is different in appearance from your normal skin. It is a lasting reminder that there was once a broken place there which is now healed. Every emotional wound also creates a scar, one that is invisible in the physical world, but very real in the emotional and energetic reality. While physical scars no longer hurt, emotional scars do and they can either be lasting reminders of your pain or confirmations of your healing, growth, and transformation. After healing, bless your scars so their message is one of positive, loving acknowledgement of your transition into wholeness and that your healing is truly complete.

Physical scars are created by the body to replace the skin that has been damaged and they do not look like regular skin. The wound has forever changed the body’s integrity and the scar is a reminder of that healing that occurred there. It brings the skin into wholeness but not by creating an environment that is wound free. Emotional and energetic scars are a similar reminder of a wound that has forever changed the integrity of the energy and emotions in a situation, and within your life path, and they also remind you that this was a place for healing and confirm that healing has occurred.

Scars return the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies into wholeness but not by creating something that allows you to forget that the wound happened. Instead, they remind you that there was once a wound that has now healed so you use the energy of the wound as a source of information. Without the memory of the wound, which the scar represents, it would be easy to repeat lessons again and again because there would be no reminder of the lesson. With the scar there is a permanent reminder of the healing that has been achieved, and by blessing the scar you integrate its lessons that you no longer have to repeat.

Healing and wholeness cannot occur without scars because you require reminders of your journey. But scars are a blessing, not a punishment, as they confirm wholeness and integrity, but not by returning your physical, emotional, and energetic body to your pre-wound condition. Wounds are confirmation of your willingness to fulfill your soul mission and risk being hurt; scars confirm that you were hurt but you have healed and are now re-covered in new levels of understanding.

If you try to heal by not getting wounded, you will never be willing to risk the fullness of any lesson because they all have the potential for wounding. If you see the scars of confirmations of the wounds instead of the healing and return to wholeness, you will see them as a reminder of the pain and forget that they are a sign of your wholeness and new levels of integration.

Bless your scars, all of them, because they represent steps on your journey that you had the courage to take and the strength to overcome. Every lesson will create wounds, places where your lessons were not easily mastered and every wound has a scar, which is a lasting reminder of the battles you have won, and the new levels of understanding you have arrived at victoriously.

This is an Archangel Uriel channeled message


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