If you watched the dozens of videos that popped up after millions of people watched strange blue and green lights over Los Angeles and most of the Western US, you’re not alone. The internet was buzzing over the possible appearance of aliens and spaceships. Maybe that is what this was but we may be disappointed if we hope to ‘see’ aliens and space beings because we can’t see any kind of higher dimensional or multi-dimensional entity in the way we see things in our everyday world, and we will see them when we no longer need to ‘see’ them. This isn’t just a matter of faith and trust, it’s about awareness and acceptance, knowing without needing proof — it’s life without training wheels, another aspect of our ascension. Are we ready to put our 3D past behind us and step into the 5D world of intentional peace, joy, love, and expansion?

For the past few years, since I started talking about the revelation of alien technology and its presence become more commonplace, I have also said that we cannot see higher dimensional beings with our 3D vision. While we have human form and density, other life forms, including our angels and spirit guides, do not. While we need to see things with our eyes and use whether we can see, hear, taste, and touch something as proof of its existence, when we’re talking about multi-dimensional reality, the rules change. Now we have to know that something exists without requiring physical proof that it exists. But we are not strangers to this, we do this every day with the most important thing in our lives, the presence of air.

We can’t see air but we know it exists because we breathe freely every minute of the day. In fact, we take nearly 24,000 breaths a day and most of us never think about whether or not air is going to be available. Lucky for us it is because without air to take our next breath we would die. We do this with the air that is so vital to life, can we expand that way of thinking to include everything else in the universe?

It might be a stretch of the imagination but it is important because our willingness to accept and acknowledge the existence of everything around us, especially those things we cannot ‘see’ with our physical eyes, is key to our evolution and ascension. Do we believe in the presence of angels and guides, in the universal energy that is all around us, in our  Source, in air, and in the things we cannot ‘see’?  While we say we believe, we really want to have proof but it’s when we no longer need to ‘see’ that is when we will see.

The difference is between sight and vision. We see what is in front of us with our eyes, that’s sight. But we can have a set of goals and objectives for our lives, things that don’t exist yet, and use that to keep us motivated, and that’s vision. Sight is a physical process, vision is energetic. When we combine the two we can use our vision to control what we allow ourselves to see. Have you ever fulfilled an impossible goal because you were so motivated by the outcome that you wouldn’t let anything you saw stop you? That’s the power of vision.

When we hold the vision for something in our lives we no longer need to ‘see’ or have physical proof, we let our vision drive us forward. So our sight, what we ‘see’ is really an illusion. We see with our eyes whatever we believe is in front of us. And is it possible that our willingness to accept the presence of other beings is what will allow us to  know they’re already here? I know it’s a new way of thinking but if we maintain the vision, we don’t need to ‘see’ and then we will see because our need for physical proof is not getting in the way of expanding our perception of what exists beyond our eyesight.

This is a moment of truth for us, not so much because we all want to see what aliens and spaceships really ‘look’ like, peace-present-war-pastbut because it is the energy we move with our vision that is going to create the reality we want to see. Everything begins with a vision, nothing happens by accident. Actively envisioning our lives in each moment moves energy in that direction. We have graduated now, from living through karma’s cycles, and believing that we are helpless and powerless, to activating our highest aspects and being empowered masters. The world is at a crossroads and we do have a voice in the direction it takes. Let’s choose peace, because when world peace is the intention, world war is no longer an option.


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