Ascend the Chakras Class

Re-Purpose your Life by clearing out your Energy Centers

Ascend Your Chakras to Integrate Higher Energetic Frequencies

 A program to align your body’s energy centers with your ascension path.

Join Jennifer  in a program that will align your body’s 7 energetic centers, the chakras, with your ascension path.

We will clear your 7 chakras, your body’s energetic centers, and ascend them into their highest potential frequency.

This is a 7 week class, with 7 one hour calls, worksheets, handouts, a group coaching center and forum, Q&A with Jennifer, and a BONUS 8th class where we will integrate the ascension work and align the physical body for ascension.

Have you been struggling with ascension, energy downloads, frequencies, release and integration? This class is for you, here’s what we will cover:

Ascension is an energetic process that allows us to move into higher frequencies and this can be challenging on so many levels;

Our physical body is unable to integrate the higher frequencies is we can have symptoms that include headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, thirst and digestive problems

 Our emotional body experiences higher frequencies as sadness, depression, mood swings, going from extreme joy to extreme sadness, ‘weepiness’ and feeling very alone

Our energetic body, depending on our existing frequency, attempts to integrate higher frequencies but they can also increase existing energies instead of raising them, intensifying our fear and lower frequencies

Our etheric body or our spiritual connection, can become more disconnected from the physical and emotional bodies as the ego separates even more from spirit when it feels bombarded by energies.

And within all of this are our 7 energy centers, the chakra system, that are struggling to keep up with it all.

Since ascension is a process of energetic alignment, we can more easily align with and integrate higher frequencies when we have adjusted our chakras to accommodate the energy and align the chakra system to accept higher frequencies.

You see, we are either bombarded by higher frequencies and struggle to align with them or, we can adjust our chakras by clearing old frequencies and preparing them to receive new energy, and the energy downloads become (almost) effortless.

In fact, this is the only way to align with these energies in a more balanced, integrated and graceful way (trying to manage the downloads without alignment is pretty hard, as we have all experienced).

In this 7 part program Jennifer will work with you to align and balance your 7 energy centers, the chakra system, and raise each one to its ascension frequency. Starting November 1, 2012 for 7 weeks, each of the 7 chakras will be cleared, aligned and recalibrated so it is in synch with your ascension  process.

Each class will feature:

  • A description of the existing energy in the chakra
  • Past life, ancestry, emotional DNA, cellular memory and energetic imprints of each chakra
  • Clearing exercises and meditations to release ancient frequencies and lower energy imprints
  • Integration modalities to bring in higher frequencies and ascend the chakra
  • Raising the frequency of each chakra to its highest potential
  • in our BONUS class (#8) we will integrate all of the chakras into an ascended frequency

The 7 energy centers we will address are:

  • Chakra 1 — Root chakra, the physical plane connection, where we hold family, ancestry, lifetime path imprints and are grounded to the earth
  • Chakra 2 — Sacral chakra, the creative connection, where we hold pre-birth energy & soul contracts
  • Chakra 3 — Solar Plexus chakra — Origin of 3D personal power, integration of 3D energies, emotional processing
  • Chakra 4 — Heart chakra — Seat of emotional energy in 3D, where we hold trauma and emotional memory
  • Chakra 5 — Throat chakra — Origin of truth and speaking our truth, using the spoken word, also channeling and connecting to higher frequencies
  • Chakra 6 –  Third Eye chakra — Divine connection, the mind/spirit connection, gateway to intuition
  • Chakra 7 — Crown Chakra — Direct Source connection, pathway to our divine self, connection to One-ness

We will ascend each of these to its highest frequency during our exercises. This program will begin on November 1 and end on December 18, 2012.

Dates for the classes are November 1, 8, 15, 20, 29, December 6, 13 and we will have a bonus session on Dec. 18 (an 8th class)  November  22 is a holiday in the US, that class will be on Tuesday, the 20th

Cost is $297 single pay or  3 payments of $110 option available (all sessions are recorded, you have access to all worksheets and recorded calls of past sessions and live sessions, forum and group participation plus a Q&A call in which Jennifer will answer your questions

Single Pay $297

One payment now to pay in full

(best value)

3 payments of $110

one payment now,

2nd in 14 days,

3rd payment in 30 days


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