This is an Archangel Uriel channeled message.

The expansion of your purpose and potential now provides clarity and understanding of your journey and how you have been participated in this great ascension mission. The many aspects of your ‘self’ come forward in divine timing and with right purpose, to complete healing cycles, release karmic bonds, and re-establish your divine blueprint. But as you become aware of more powerful potentials you believe that you  have made mistakes and judge your actions as wrong or misguided. Yet your willingness to experience pain and suffering as part of the ascension cycle have been a gift to Source so ascension could occur. Now you are free to move into new aspects of your self but only if you avoid judgment of the path you have chosen as your lesson and your gift.

The responsibility for ascension belongs to all of humanity but those who are aware of its nature, importance, and purpose, the light beacons, light and energy workers, the healers, empaths, and the open hearted, have been willing to assume the extra responsibility of fulfilling the more complex aspects of ascension such as the completion of healing cycles, the end of karma, and expanding 3D portals into multi-dimensionality.

You may know this responsibility as a feeling that something ‘better’ is possible, that more joy is available, that there can be peace and harmony in the world, and that love and compassion are possible. Before you can expand you must know limitation. And before you can experience the freedom of higher dimensions, you must know the limitations of fear and lower frequencies. You know that expanding into higher frequencies is possible because that is your true state of being. But to bring this awareness and experience to humanity you had to begin from ignorance of your divinity and power and create the expanded path. The teacher must be authentic in their experience in order to be a way-shower for others.

If it is not clear to you why you have acted with so little regard for your own joy, remember why you agreed to sacrifice your joy to assist in ascension. Remember why you agreed to join the human journey with the contribution of your spirit, energy, and knowledge. Remember that your soul’s presence on earth has been your gift to Source, in service to the universal ascension path. The earth’s ascension is one part of a much greater cycle that all of the universe participates in, as a universal ascension. Do not judge your journey for what it has not been until now, celebrate what you have allowed your journey to be until this moment. Then choose the moment you will release your limitation, sacrifice, and healing to welcome your expanded self. It is time.

Release yourself from your limitations with no judgment of your choices or your chosen life path. When you judge your choices, you also block your expansion and limit the highest possible expressions of your energy. You are a powerful light that has allowed yourself to experience darkness, and not one who is enslaved by darkness and who cannot find the light. The expansion you are now aware of as a potential is a memory from your past, a reconnection to your empowered divinity, that you can now bring forward into your present and share with humanity as a potential for the future.

Celebrate your achievement now so you can remember the truth of your being and become your expanded self to live in joy, the divine frequency, to enjoy life, the divine mission, and become the potential that you kept hidden until now, the divine expression of your energy and spirit. Your ascension plan included arriving at this point in the journey and you are now here. The effort continues but now it can be achieved from the ascended aspects of your humanity connecting with your divinity, the integrated multi-dimensionality that is heaven on earth.


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