This is the first chapter of my book, Ascending into Miracles — The Path of Spiritual Mastery. Although I wrote this in 2011, it is so applicable now and I’m sharing it here because it explains much of what is going on in the world today and how our paradigm shift has and continues to unfold. You can purchase the book at this link.

Ascending into MiraclesThe earth and humanity are undergoing a paradigm shift, the creation of a new earth that is the dawning of a different era. Some call it the end of days, a time when the earth as we know it will cease to exist. Others believe that it is  the fulfillment of an ancient Mayan prophecy, marked by the end of its calendar on December 21, 2012. There are many theories and predictions about this  time and we can join the doomsayers and believe that the earth and its  inhabitants will be destroyed by a giant cataclysm. Or we can take a different perspective and view the changes as an internal shift, a move from the material  to the spiritual, a re-joining of humanity’s connection to its spiritual Source.

The potential destruction of the planet is the stuff of Hollywood dramas  and while some earth changes may occur, the real drama and excitement will arise from the transformation that happens within every member of humanity  as each of us is provided with the choice to either ground our path in the material world or acknowledge a more spiritual alternative. This is an invitation to choose the path of spiritual mastery, as part of our commitment as the architects of this new reality.

We do not have to wait for 2012 for the new reality to occur  because it is happening now and has been building for more than twenty years and longer. Some say that it first began with the introduction of the Internet, a technology that has connected the family of humanity in an unprecedented way. Then, in 1995 the planet Uranus entered its own sign for the first time in 84 years. This event marked the first time that most of Earth’s people experienced Uranus in Aquarius, a time of shifting energies, concepts, beliefs and lifestyles that has changed our lives irrevocably. Where we once would never have imagined a world with instantaneous computer and cell phone connection, it is now impossible to imagine the world without it. And we have Pluto in the sign of Capricorn for the first time since the mid 1700s. The American Revolution and the end of the British Empire resulted from its last visit to this sign. What kinds of changes will we experience with  this transit? We will have to wait and see.

But we have more tangible, personal evidence that the world is changing.  The rise and fall of the Internet bubble caused company failures, massive  unemployment and a shift in the concept of work and the new, unpredictable nature of employment. We now live in a global economy, where nations cannot operate in political, social or economic isolation. No longer can something happen in one place while others go on about their daily lives in ignorant, self-centered bliss.  We are inextricably connected to each other, all of the time.  None of us lives in a vacuum although each of us is on our own path, learning the lessons that our soul requires for its return to wholeness. This new paradigm is the end of the “human human” and the beginning of the spiritual human.

In 2003 we experienced the Harmonic Concordance, in which an unusual planetary alignment created a Star of David symbol in the sky. This was  another mass activation of the energy of transformation, resulting in additional levels of profound changes ranging from job losses to  unexpected geographpic relocations, financial devastation and what has amounted to forced life reorganization. An aging population, Alzheimer’s disease, and economic and employment uncertainty have also shifted the social dynamic as we are given opportunities to   assess what we do with our time and energy and whether it is expanding or contracting our dreams.

These changes affect everyone, regardless of age, culture, income level and   gender, and as they occur, those affected must reflect on their life, livelihood  and lifestyle as the old is removed, compelling them to review the direction of their life path and make a choice to commit to follow one that is more balanced on all levels, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. 

With these changes we are also becoming less polarized and more accepting of each other as we acknowledge the fact that we are all connected through bonds that transcend time and space. With technology that links people and continents instantly, we have truly become a human family. On other levels,  we are less tolerant of old rules and beliefs about divorce, single parenthood, same sex relationships, and other lifestyle choices and insistent on changing the rigid boundaries of judgment and condemnation that created the lifestyle standards we once lived by. As a global society, we are less tolerant of injustice, inhumanity and suffering and are more vocal in our demand for justice, dignity and fairness. Our commitment to enforcing change where we believe it is  needed creates a global call for the transformation of our social systems as we are no longer willing to accept the status quo.

This level of transformation exacts a price from each of us, that we  re-examine ourselves, our life choices, our relationships and to redefine  who we are in context of the wholeness of our being and our connection to our goals and dreams and to consider ourselves as an important part of the human family. Through our stronger connections we are more aware of our individual and collective responsibility for the state of our planet. Yet while many of these changes are welcome, they are also frightening as they propel us into an unknown and potentially fearful future.  Who or what do we count on, when everything has changed and the familiar structures we once organized our lives around are no longer dependable or available? We live from cell phone call to  cell phone call, wanting that connection to someone, anyone, to help us deal  with the feelings of alone-ness and separation that arise from the sudden knowledge that although we are connected, each of us is on our own path and is fully responsible for our individual reality.

Those of us who have been part of the spiritual movement for many years find that we too need comfort, explanations, and support. Our lives are  changing minute by minute and we can no longer define a strong foundation on which we can stand.  We may often feel as lost and abandoned as those who have no experience in spiritual matters.  In some ways, we may even feel let down by the spiritual system that we have so long believed supports us as we go through our own dark night of the soul. Although this illusion of  separateness exists, activation of the new reality means that we will be connected to  each other as never before, but in new and different ways.

Where does this take us and where does it end? There are many junctures and crossroads on this journey, which will continue to affect ever growing numbers of people. But it is not about the destination, this is a journey in consciousness, a time for humanity to choose a more loving, tolerant, accepting and compassionate path on individual and collective levels. Opportunities to make this choice will be plentiful, as we will find    in the coming years. There is  a purpose to the process and answers to many of  its questions will be apparent once we have been through the experiences that will, at times, try our souls, make us question our mission and purpose and challenge us to uncover inner sources of strength and wisdom that we were unaware we possessed.

Those of us who have already embarked on this path, who understand what it is about and who have some idea of what to expect, will be called   to share  this information with those who are just stepping onto this path — and who   have no idea what they are getting themselves into. There is a significant   population that is unaware of the magnitude of this paradigm shift and who will need this information to make sense of what is happening. Everyone has some degree of awareness that the world is changing and the old world is quickly moving out of the way to prepare for something different. This   is a voluntary decision and while we have free will and can choose any path, it is a time to surrender and acknowledge that there is another dimension to life beyond what we have been willing to acknowledge for many lifetimes.

This new paradigm is not replacing the one we have always known,  nor is  it a new reality that will be forced on us by some cosmic, galactic or divine mandate. It is the new energy for the earth and a logical, planned path of spiritual growth that we will create as our commitment to the fulfillment of our mission of bringing heaven on earth. We have been setting its foundation with the learning of each lesson, the transformation of fear into love and our commitment to ascension. It has slowly been gathering strength and momentum as we turn away from the path of karma and destiny and move towards powerful, dynamic, fulfilled living and into co-creation with the Universe.

The new earth is a return to our divinity and an acknowledgement of our Source connection. This is why we are here and it is why we have returned, lifetime after lifetime. We are now at the crossroads of this path and each  choice, decision, thought, word and action carries us farther into our divinity, closer to Source and into the realization of our mastery. We are, and have always been, spiritual beings having a human experience, travelers on the path  of ascension, and builders of the new earth.

From Ascending into Miracles — The Path of Spiritual Mastery. 

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