Anger isn’t an emotion that we like to dwell on because, aside from making us feel bad, we believe that ‘spiritual’ people don’t get angry. It’s a low energy emotion that we should not be expressing, and when we’re angry we aren’t very good light sources. All of this may be what we believe but it isn’t all true and in fact, believing it does us more harm than good because in order to fully process an emotion we need to know what it is and anger is one of our most powerful emotions, as well as an important source of self empowerment. It’s OK to be angry as long as we use our anger to take action and complete karmic cycles, moving from healing to wholeness.

We’re capable of a lot when we’re very angry and sometimes it takes a lot of anger for us to make a life move. Anger can make us powerful and when we’re angry we are often capable of things that we can’t do when we’re not angry. That’s the empowering side of anger and it’s unfortunate that we do require anger to move ahead. But the disempowering side of anger is the one we usually express, where we stew and rage, feel helpless, powerless, taken advantage of, and are angry with ourselves. Or we hide or deny it because we feel that we shouldn’t be angry with people, especially those who we believe should not make us angry or we should not be angry with.

To understand our anger we have to go back to our soul mission of achieving wholeness and our life purpose of healing. What makes us angry shows us where we have important life lessons and using the anger as a tool for empowerment, to reclaim our energy, is how we make the best use of the empowerment anger can provide us with.

Here are five steps to follow to use anger to take action and reclaim your power:

  1. Acknowledge the anger and accept that you are angry. It doesn’t do any good to pretend you’re not or to think you shouldn’t be angry. Then you judge your anger and make yourself wrong for having this emotion. Accept that you are angry so you can use the information your anger contains to help make different choices and work through these life lessons.
  1. Understand who you are angry with.  Whether it’s the person who did something to you, a situation you feel you couldn’t control, or are you angry with yourself for something that has happened to you yet again, knowing who you are angry with lets you focus on a more empowering solution. You can’t do anything about someone else’s behavior but you can make yourself a smaller or invisible target by not attracting that kind of person or behavior and by not repeating your own behavior from the past.
  1. Know what you’re angry about. What is it about the situation that makes you angry? What are you really feeling? This is a good time to journal or write out your real feelings about the situation, starting with “I am really angry about this because …”. This is a point of empowerment and denying or hiding your anger just delays your response until the next time something makes you angry.
  1. See where you have been giving your power away or not using it for your benefit. Where have you been disempowered or given your power away? Who did you entrust with your well-being (another word for wealth) instead of relying on your own intuition and guidance? This is the crucial part of the anger process because understanding the power loss helps you know where you don’t own your power and use it to your advantage and for your benefit.
  1. Choose to turn your anger ito something powerful and empowering. Harboring anger, keeping it all inside, is like, as the saying goes, “drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.” The person who made you angry doesn’t suffer when you stew with silent, frustrated rage for days, weeks, or years, you do. Choosing to be powerful, to take your anger to a different level, and to use your anger to change your beliefs, thoughts, and actions makes anger a powerful tool for your growth and wholeness.

Anger is a normal human emotion, with a long karmic and healing history, that we will experience from time to time. But anger by itself isn’t empowering, it’s what we decide to do with the anger that takes us down the empowered wholeness path. Healing happens when we acknowledge our responsibility in the matter and choose to apply what we learned from our anger to our life lessons. Wholeness occurs when we reclaim our power and stop repeating behavior, including attracting anger-inducing people who participate in our lessons.

Forgiveness figures into this process as well, but in the energetic sense. Forgiveness releases energy connections that we no longer want to be burdened with. And when we choose to use anger as a stepping stone to a more fulfilling, joyful, empowered life, we can also forgive the people and situations which created the anger so we don’t have to be angry with or around them any longer. The worst thing we can do is shame or blame ourselves for our anger, deny or hide it because we don’t think we should be feeling angry, or pretend it isn’t happening. Emotions are how we express energy and anger is an emotion that can be a useful tool when we don’t judge it and instead, use it to make different choices for ourselves that fulfill our intention for a joyful, joy-filled, loving, peaceful, and abundant life.


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