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Do you wonder why your relationships aren’t fulfilling, you don’t feel loved, valued or appreciated, and you work hard without ever receiving the love you want from others?

You’re in a Multi-Dimensional Relationship — and in this ground-breaking ebook from Jennifer Hoffman, you are going to learn the 10 signs that will identify yours, what causes them and solutions you can implement to stop the power  and energy drains and move into more fulfilled, loving, and satisfying relationships.

10-Signs-FINAL-cover-01052014-150x150You have probably seen the pattern repeated in many of your relationships, you put in much of the effort, try to make everyone happy, do your best to let people know how much you love and care for them — and you’re rejected, or your intentions are misunderstood.

Or people disregard the love you want to share and leave you, alone and sad.

  • What’s wrong with them?
  • Why don’t they understand you?
  • Why don’t they accept the wonderful love and caring that you are offering them?
  • Are you ever going to find lasting, fulfilling love?

There is nothing wrong with anyone, these are Multi-Dimensional Relationships and you are trying hard to do something that you can’t do by yourself — get someone to share your energetic and dimensional space and meet you where you want to give and receive love.

A true connection at your level of love is the only way that they can see the value of being in a relationship with you, and the only way that you can receive the love and caring that you share so generously with others and want so much to receive from them. But you may find that others resist your efforts because they cannot imagine themselves in that space — what can you do? Recognize that this is where they are and choose to be, and make peace with the process. That’s why a ‘Healing Actions‘ section is found in each chapter, providing you with specific strategies to navigate this process successfully, whether that means that you can create a fulfilling relationship in this area, or move on to a new, different relationship.

And you will learn that these relationships are not limited to romantic partners. They exist in all areas of your life, with family, friends, co-workers (have you ever worked with someone who just didn’t like you), neighbors, people you meet – you can have a multi-dimensional relationship (and probably do) with a lot of different people.

Are you ready to find out why you are misunderstood and rejected in your relationships, why you have been choosing these kinds of people and the healing actions you can take to bring your life back into balance, so you are not giving away your power or sending all of your energy to these relationships, in an attempt to change or heal them (you’ll find out your secret agenda in these relationships too, because you do have one…)

Are you ready to learn the 10 Signs of a Multi-Dimensional Relationship — The Top 10 Reasons Why People Don’t, Won’t, and Can’t Love You and how to manage them. If you are CLICK HERE TO buy it on Amazon.


Multi-Dimensional Relationships are challenging and they can be painful, especially when we put all we have into healing them and the other person. But you can also resolve them without having your heart  broken, or feeling weak and powerless. Sometimes that means you learn to walk away and that can be a very empowering move, when you make it your choice to do that for your peace of mind and heart, instead of walking away feeling powerless because you have no choice in the matter.

You can find the love and joy you are seeking, in all of your relationships, once you understand the true nature of Multi-Dimensional Relationships and learn how to manage them. In Jennifer Hoffman’s ground-breaking book, she introduces this concept, explains the top 10 signs and how you can deal with them. And each sign includes suggested ‘Healing Actions’, steps you can take to resolve this issue for yourself, to find peace so you can create a fulfilling relationship either from the one you are in, or within a new one. And as an added bonus, you will learn how to create peace and joy in all of your relationships, including within your family and intimate partnerships, using the tools you will find in The 10 Signs of a Multi-Dimensional Relationship.

Here are the top 10 Signs of  a Multi-Dimensional Relationship from the book. How many of them apply to the relationships in your life?

1.  You feel that you are working harder at making this work than the other person.

2.  You wish they would change.

3.  They are your ‘Blind spot’ and you cannot see their faults, even though everyone else can.

4.  You have a strong connection but the relationship feels stuck.

5.  You are afraid that, despite your best efforts, the relationship will not work out as you want it to.

6.  They think you’re difficult, different or weird, and so do their friends (and you suspect that they talk about you behind your back).

7.  You see more potential in them than they see in themselves.

8.  You see more potential in the relationship than they are aware of or can see for themselves.

9.  You are a martyr in this relationship and you suffer but they don’t seem to notice or to care.

10. The relationship ends suddenly, you are rejected, and you don’t know why.

Are you ready to learn more about your Multi-Dimensional Relationships and how you can transform this energy of your life?

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