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Are You Ready to Raise your Vibes, Lift Your Life, Soar into New Potentials and Expand Your Possibilities?

2014-The-Year-of-Love2014 is the Year of Love and Your  Expanded I AM Presence and it’s an opportunity to re-purpose your life, reconnect to your Divine Heart, and create a new life blueprint. If you aren’t sure what that means, click here to join me on June 24, 2014 for a New  Earth Call, ‘Turning Over a New Leaf’. Sign up now, registration closes on Tuesday, June 24 at 6PM US CDT. 

Are you ready to Raise your Vibes and EVOLVE into joyful, joy-filled, healed and whole living? You will learn how to do that, and more, in the Raise your Vibes 21 Day Evolution Adventure program.  

Join the than 750 students gave it rave reviews and how they experienced profound life changes, more confidence, joy and abundance,  some had instant manifestation (one student manifested her dream of swimming with the dolphins after day 3), and changed their lives in profound, surprising, and miraculous ways. You’ll learn about the Truth (and why everything is a truth), abundance and its opposite (which is not lack), how to expand your energy to receive unlimited blessings, what surrender means, how to be evolved, learn about multi-dimensional living, moving from 3D to 5D and beyond, energy and resonance, how to be aligned with your evolution journeyabundance and prosperity, going from healing to wholeness and more.

Click here to learn about all of the program features and how you can use it to Raise Your Vibes and EVOLVE into joyful, joy-filled, healed and whole living — and everything in the program is self study, so you go at your own pace and all program materials are available as downloadable audio and .pdf worksheets.

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Are you feeling stuck and wondering how to get ‘out of the box’?  The EVOLVE Your Soul Path Fast Track Coaching program, featuring 3 sessions (1 60 minute and 2 30 minutes) with Jennifer, personalized session comments and inner work and you will experience a profound transformation with this program (if you are ready for it). This is an intensive program and everyone who has completed it has achieved astounding results.

Click here for more information and start the evolution into your soul’s path, the fast track way to get you unstuck, centered, grounded, in your new ascended soul purpose and moving into your life’s highest potential.

We live in interesting, changing and challenging times. We also live in times of amazing potential and possibility, where we truly have the opportunity to be, have and do it all.

This is the time for us to dream big, spread our wings and choose to experience a wonderful life because everything we could possibly wish for is within our reach, when we choose mastery.

There are many reasons why you were guided to this website:

  • You may feel stuck in your life and unsure of your next steps
    You may be recovering from a life upset such as the end of a relationship, job loss or financial crisis.
  • You may need clarity about your life purpose and what to do with your gifts and talents
  • You need to find the courage to move forward out of the fear into the joy, abundance and love you know are possible for you and your life
  • You feel lost, alone, unguided and unsupported and are seeking information and guidance
  • You are seeking healing and release from your life lessons and want to move into more abundant, joyful and self affirming living.
  • You are ready to move into WONDERFUL, MASTERFUL LIVING!

You will find these answers and many more here so welcome and learn how you can get the resources you need to become the master that you are and create your wonderful life.

Live On Purpose by Raising your Vibes FREE Report ’7 Steps to a High Vibes Life’ plus weekly insights to help you Raise Your Vibes and live a life you LOVE


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Now available! 30 Days to Everyday Miracles
30 days to everyday miracles Learn how you can transform your life into a miracle machine, powerful lessons and examples that take you, step by step, through the process of how to live a miraculous life.

30 Days to Everyday Miracles

Get Support and Guidance from a Mastery Guide and Transformational Leader

Jennifer Hoffman is a celebrated spiritual teacher, author, intuitive, channel and radio host who has become a renown guide for personal mastery and transformation.  Since 2003 she has written the Enlightening Life newsletters, whose more than 2 million weekly readers recognize it as a source of spiritual learning, healing, transformation and masterful living. Although she had aspirations of a corporate career, after six layoffs and a visit from Archangel Uriel, she was led in a new direction.  Jennifer also hosts the Enlightening Life Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio each Wednesday at 8PM US central time.

Jennifer’s profound insights and channeled messages touch the hearts, minds and spirit of its readers and her writings have been described as having uncanny accuracy and timeliness and have been a life changing source of inspiration and transformation in the areas of life, love, career and business.

Whether you are new to spiritual learning or have been on this path for many years, are a teacher, coach, healer, speaker, business owner, or part of the global transformation movement, you are about to learn new tools, insights and strategies from someone who has been recognized as the world’s foremost spiritual teacher by her clients and peers.


Start Your Mastery Journey Today — Programs, Products, or Mentoring

Jennifer’s healing tools, books, meditations, courses and programs will help you

  • understand your life purpose (it’s not what you may think it is),
  • increase your awareness of yourself as a powerful master and creator 
  • align yourself with the abundance, love, and success you want in your life (because you cannot create what you are not aligned with), 
  • heal your relationships and 
  • create the extraordinary life and lifestyle you have always wanted (and maybe thought was possible).

It’s time to soar

She has created some amazing products and programs to help you ‘get the dust out of  your mental, emotional and spiritual corners , within a community of like-minded people who share your goals and dreams. (Scroll down the page to read the story behind this picture of my son).

You can explore our on-line self study and group programs that offer guided learning and focused instruction. You can begin at the Initiate level of the Mastery Mastery Minded member community, for a low monthly fee have access to monthly phone calls with Jennifer, exclusive audio downloads, lessons, call recordings and special surprises each month. It’s a great way to get started on your journey of healing, transformation and mastery. Take advantage of this special offer now, available for a limited time.

A Transformational Life Mastery Session on the phone with Jennifer is your opportunity to learn more about yourself and your life, ask questions regarding relationships, healing, work or career or just receive Jennifer’s unique insights on your life journey. She will help you understand your life path, soul wounds and karmic history, discover your life purpose and how to express it in the most powerful way. This is more than advice about your past, present and future, it is a focused moment of transformation in which you can experience powerful, significant and immediate breakthroughs in your spiritual and emotional understanding and release blocks and limitations and achieve clarity about yourself and your life.

For more focused guidance, Jennifer also offers the Worthy of Wonderful coaching series for self, life and business mastery. Available as group or individual coaching, this program will guide you into your purpose, power, potential and possibilities.

Are you ready to live your wonderful, masterful life? Let’s get started. Click here to find out how you can experience the Worthy of Wonderful Community and make today the first day of the best life you can live.


The story behind the picture

The picture above is of my youngest son, Bryan, at age 5 and it is of his first dive off of a diving board. We were visiting family at the lake and everyone was driving off the diving board, except Bryan, who was afraid. He would get into the water by the beach (and he was a good swimmer), but he was too afraid to jump off of the diving board. All afternoon, I would jump in first and offer to catch him but he was scared and wouldn’t go. Then, just as we were getting ready to leave, Bryan started crying because he had not yet had his chance to dive into the water. So, we all got in the water (except my mother, who does not swim) and encouraged Bryan to jump. He walked to the end of the board, took a big breath and soared off the board, into the water. I caught him and once he saw that it wasn’t scary, he didn’t want to go home because he wanted to continue jumping off the diving board. My mother took this photo just as he was going into the water (a lucky photo and one he cherishes).

Are there any fears you can overcome to soar into new beginnings? Explore my coaching programs to find out how we can work together to overcome your fears and help you soar into more fun, ful-filled living. Click here to learn more.

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