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Explore the Enlightening Life blog, whose award winning, celebrated articles have been read by millions since 2003. Here you will find messages of inspiration, transformation, spiritual truth, and life enlightenment. Jennifer has been the  leading voice in the movement from consciousness to awareness, from destiny to creation, and from 3D to 5D integration, as we move from the New Age to the New Earth. This is the time for us to raise our vibes to explore High Vibes Living, become awake, aware, aligned, and live an awe-filled life. We can align with our divinity, dream big, spread our wings, and choose to experience  life on purpose, in our purpose, open to living through our unlimited potential and possibilities – it is all available now. Explore the blog here.

You may want to soar but you feel stuck, you have big dreams and no idea of how to make them part of your life. No matter where you are, the answer is always there when you ask the right questions. If you’re ready for a fresh start, you’ll find the answers here. Check out our Programs and Tools to start living your life from your highest potential. Click here to learn more

Choices are the bridges that appear when we want to move from one aspect of our reality to another. If you’re confused about your choices, you can begin with my best selling books and learn how I went from nearly homeless, asking God to take me home every night, to creating a free, all-expense paid trip to France (that I was paid to go on). Start your journey to High Vibes LivingTM and get my best selling books on Amazon here