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A Paradigm Shift

This is the first chapter of my book, Ascending into Miracles — The Path of Spiritual Mastery. Although I wrote this in 2011, it is so applicable now and I’m sharing it here because it explains much of what is going on in the world today and how our...

May 2016 Energy Report

You may be wondering whether anything is going to happen this month, if you have been reading various reports about the unusual amount of retrograde activity that is occurring now. But before you think you will give May a miss because nothing important is going to...

Learning New Retro Dance Moves

While the retrograde movement of planets is part of their natural rhythm, it can create a lot of havoc in our lives as our normal and habitual future-focused rush through life gets paused so we have to stop and assess our situation. We think of life as a graceful...

Why We Need Anchors

The purpose of an anchor on a boat is to prevent it from drifting away with the current. If sailors didn’t use anchors, their boats would drift aimlessly around the harbor or, if they caught the right current, out to sea. Anchors serve a useful purpose, they help...

April 2016 Energy Report

If you have gotten through the first 3 months of the year mostly intact, congratulations. It has been a wild ride. The first part of 2016 set the energetic tone for the rest of the year so if you have had some unexpected or difficult changes you’ll get the chance for...


If you are ready to live in your Miracle Zone,  have a Mindset that attracts abundance and prosperity,  embrace your PERSONAL Mastery and to get a step by step process to help you do that, join me in a 1 day Raise Your Vibes workshop and I will teach you my proven...

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